• GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
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The Organic Workwear Jacket / GM991501 - Khaki

799,00 kr

The Organic Workwear Jacket / GM991501 - Navy Blazer

799,00 kr

Matt The Organic Fine Corduroy Jacket / GM311502 - Hazelnut

999,00 kr

Matt The Organic Fine Corduroy Jacket / GM311502 - Navy Blazer

999,00 kr

Sustainable menswear

At BY GARMENT MAKERS, we believe in slow, ethical and sustainable fashion.

To fulfill that commitment our entire sustainable menswear collection exclusively consists of organic clothes and has been produced ethically and responsibly within good working conditions. All marked with the GOTS certification (Global organic textile standard).

GOTS ensures the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and labelling.

Jackets in high quality

All our raw materials, such as organic cotton, are grown without any addition of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers; giving the fabric a phenomenal softness. You will be amazed at how soft and comfortable these organic jackets made of organic cotton fabric are.

The outcome is sustainable clothing made ethically of organic textiles, which offers you the highest possible quality. 

By choosing organic clothing you also achieve a much longer-lasting product, as the organic fibers naturally...Read More